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Dementia Helping Hand

– figure out how many boxes I need to pack all my stuff in? You can get a ball park estimate with the U-Haul Moving Supply Calculator.

– get control over all the mail I receive? Go to for more information.

– cancel out of getting catalogs? Go to and sign up.

– opt out of receiving offers of credit and insurance? Go to the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry website.

– unsubscribe from getting the RetailMeNot Everyday mailings? Go here to unsubscribe.

– stop getting the Valpak coupons? Go here to request.

– get a free credit report? Go to the official, legitimate site Annual Credit Report. There are 3 companies to pick from. You can request them all at once or space them out over the year.

– change my address with the Post Office? Go to this United States Postal Service page for more information. You can change your address online for a slight fee or obtain a Mover’s Guide at your local post office.

– change my address with the Internal Revenue Service? Click here.

– make sure if I move I still get my Social Security check? Start here.

– report Identity Theft? Click here.


When you make any address changes, if there is a state retirement system involved, be sure to notify them of the new address.

On your loved one’s driver’s license (if they are still driving) are you listed as the emergency contact or next of kin? Contact your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles for more information.

Check out this article, How to Report Death to Social Security and Get a Credit Report for a Deceased Person, for suggestions about credit reports.