This month we are talking about wills and estate planning. National Estate Planning Awareness Week falls the week of October 18-24 this year so it’s a very good time to address this topic.

An estate planning worksheet with the title 3 estate plan items your loved one with dementia should have

First of all, let me say this – I am not an attorney. Please contact an attorney for more information when it comes to estate planning and wills. I am just raising your awareness of this topic for your consideration.

what should be included in estate planning

There are 3 specific items involved in your estate planning.

  • Will

  • Durable Power of Attorney

  • Advance Directive for Health Care

reasons to have a will

  • Everyone should have this important legal document

  • It gives peace of mind for the family left behind

  • You can leave an important legacy with gifts and/or donations

  • It’s your choice on how your estate is divided up or who gets what

  • If you have children under 18 you can appoint someone of your choice to care for and raise your children

  • You choose an executor to handle the estate

  • Reduces family disputes

Other suggestions to include in the planning of your estate:

  • Instructions for family pets

  • Instructions on what to do with your digital assets

  • Plans for a funeral or memorial service

For additional information see this post – The First Thing to do After a Dementia Diagnosis

3 estate plan items for your loved one with dementia

caregivers of loved ones with dementia

I hope that your loved one with dementia has an estate plan already in place. If not, please contact an attorney specializing in estate planning as soon as possible.

In addition, I highly suggest YOU (as a caregiver) get one in place as well if you have not already done so.

I am just now getting around to starting the process of my own estate plan. Right now I am collecting information for the preliminary meeting with the attorney.

My decision has been made on how I want my assets split up and I have asked a family member to be my executor. There is still a decision to be made on my preference for life support and end of life care.

If you need help with how to get all your important documents together, check out this post.

A lot of decisions and time are involved in coming up with an estate plan but a trade-off in the end for family members’ peace of mind and for you knowing that you have an end-of-life plan.