What kind of dementia printables would you find in an Etsy store? Read on to check it out . . . .

I had been tossing around the idea of starting an Etsy shop and finally towards the end of February 2022, I decided to go for it and opened with 2 products.

Continuing with the theme of writing to help caregivers of loved ones with Dementia, I chose to name my store Dementia Helping Hand. The thought behind the name was that I would be giving a helping hand to caregivers of loved ones with dementia by providing them printable products either they could use themselves or with their care person.

Caregivers are busy people and they can use all the help they can get since they don’t have much time of their own.

products for the caregiver

There are several dementia printables available for the caregiver of a loved one with memory issues.

The first is an easy to adapt product. All you have to do is print the pdf, stick it in a frame and use a dry erase marker to write on the glass. Easy peasey!  Check it out below. 👇


Fill in the date and use it to note reminders for your loved one such as a doctor’s appointment or lunch with a friend, etc. I don’t know about you, but my mom was always asking me what day was it so this was an easy way for her to just look and know.

The next one is a set of affirmation cards. There are days and moments where you just get so down and depressed and feel like you’re just not doing the right thing.

Mockup showing 1 page of 8 caregiver affirmation cards and 2 individual cards
Individual cards do not reflect the actual size

This set is designed to give you a boost of confidence and emotional support. At some point in the near future look for bookmarks to go with the set and additional sets of cards.

If you share caregiving responsibilities with other members of your family then this next product is for you. It’s a caregiver communication packet and it serves as a shared central means of communication with all the caregivers.

There’s a place to record daily notes, meds, grocery list, weekly planner, contact list, and other pages.

Caregiver appreciation gifts

If you’re looking for a nice gift of appreciation to give to a current caregiver or one who has provided assistance in the past, the previous set of affirmation cards would work. I also have a couple other items.

There are several variations of this product in my shop. It’s an acrostic poem based on the word CAREGIVER. 

These would make great caregiver appreciation gifts or to give yourself an emotional pick-me-up.

Here is another item that would make a great gift. It’s a definition print of the word caregiver and there are 2 variations of this one.

To express your feelings about dementia

I dropped the F bomb in a few products. Okay, so maybe these aren’t prints that you want to display in your living room, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of us have either said this expression out loud or under our breath.

I’m saying it for you and it’s okay to print this out and stick it in a frame!

Looking for organization in your life

Look no further because the next product is the one that you never knew you needed but your children will be eternally grateful to you for having it.

The title of this product is – I’m Gone, Here’s What You Need to Know. This product is actually a much more in-depth version of an earlier blog post, How to Set Up an Important Documents Notebook. I ran with that idea and created a more extensive binder.

It has 70+ pages to record your information. Things like the garage door code, where the key to the safe deposit box is, what friends have a key to the house, what payments do you make each month, who is your accountant, your doctor, what loans are you still paying on and everything else I could think of.

If you live out of town and a parent suddenly passes away this document will be so beneficial for you. If something happens to your spouse and you have to take over the banking and the financial end of things, would you know what to do?

This document is a way to record information now, so that people will have it in the future when it may be needed.

Products for your loved one with dementia

I have a few activities that can be used with your loved one.

Snowman Matching game is just a matching activity where you pair the snowmen that look alike.

There is a way to vary the activity based on ability.

The next product is a set of black line Christmas trees that you can have your person “decorate” using various craft items such as crayons, markers, paint, pom poms to name a few.

Best of all, you have plenty of choices for trees and chances are your loved one won’t remember doing the same one before so you can vary your decoration items each time!

Here is a Christmas Memory Journal. These are pages that your loved one can fill in with the memories of their Christmases from the past. If they have difficulty writing, you can write for them. Just a way to record some of their history before it’s gone and a way to pass it on to your children.

Keep checking back. I have lots of ideas to add so as time permits I will continue to add products.

I hope you’ll check out my shop. Once again it’s called DementiaHelpingHand and it continues my mission of helping people.