Host your own version of Nursing Home Summer Olympics. The Olympic Games are coming around again this summer in Paris, France, starting at the end of July.

A gold, silver and bronze medal atop a cushion with a text overlay saying Summer Olympic Games Ideas for a Memory Care unit

Nursing Home Olympic Games

For all you Memory Care Activity Directors, activity leaders and caregivers, I have rounded up some blog posts with ideas for games you can do with your residents and loved ones.

They may need some moderation to be applicable to your particular person but take the idea, modify as needed and run with it!

Olympic Game Ideas for Seniors

Olympic Party Games for Seniors

10 Hilarious Go For The Gold Party Games

Ten Activities For Your Own Backyard Olympics  Even though this one is for outdoor games, I thought the ideas were good and could be modified for inside or modified if you are able to get your residents outside.

Family Olympic Games

Backyard Olympic Games

Do You Have Game? This one is a little different. I included it because I liked the horse race idea. Further down the page there is a “Wheel of Fortune” game. How about one using the olympic events?

Balloon Tennis for Gross Motor Play In addition to fly swatters being used to “golf” you can use them for tennis as well! 😄 This was written for little ones, but it’s easily adapted for older ones.

Are those creative juices flowing yet? Are you thinking of ideas?

Memorable Music from the Olympics

See if your residents can remember any of these tunes and better yet, which Olympics year did they come from!

gold, silver and bronze medal resting on a cushion with text overlay Summer Olympic Games Ideas for a Memory Care Unit

Decorations for an Olympics Games Event

I always think of Oriental Trading Company for things like this. 

There’s also Dollar Tree, Walmart or Amazon.

And of course, any party store near you should carry this theme.

I created this banner set below, that’s available in my Etsy store – DementiaHelpingHand, that you could use for decorations. Each resident can make a name banner of their own and they could be hung across the top of a doorway or on the wall near their room. You could also make a banner for each country!

Hopefully, you have enough ideas to start with to have a fun nursing home olympic games event.