I’ve got a pretty good collection of blog posts about dementia and being a caregiver by now. It’s been over 3 years now that I’ve been helping caregivers during the dementia journey with their loved one.

So, this month, I thought I’d take some of my posts and give you a little guide to them.

Is it Dementia or just old age

If you’re new to This Insidious Dementia, Dementia in general or Mild Cognitive Impairment, and you’re wondering whether your loved one has dementia or not, in the post mentioned below, I talked about what I noticed with my mom.

The First Indicators to Worry Me about Mom’s Memory

I noticed the repetition but I also noticed things that just weren’t “normal” for Mom. Rather than just 1 thing, it was a collective group of things that had me concerned.

What to do After a Dementia Diagnosis

Once there has been a dementia diagnosis, in my opinion, there are some documents to set in place. 

Now, I’m not an attorney or attempting to give out legal advice. I just want to bring several things to your attention at this point. That’s the topic of the legal paperwork. Things like the will and the power of attorney. 

And while you’re working on that paperwork, it’s a good time to gather all your “stuff” together and create a notebook or a file. These are commonly known as an Important Documents Notebook, an If I Die binder, or a Family Notebook.

If you don’t know how to put one of these notebooks together or what to put in it, check out these 2 posts –

How to Set Up an Important Documents Notebook

10 Reasons to Create an End of Life Planning Notebook

Take all your paperwork and go a little further and pre-plan your funeral. I know, I know. Nobody wants to talk about dying but I’ll tell you what. When my mom passed away, I was soooooo glad she had planned out what she wanted at her service. It made the arrangements so much easier on the family.

Check out this post for dealing with the funeral stuff –

There’s No Time Like the Present to Preplan Your Funeral

Dementia Hot Topics

In the Dementia forums there are always questions about the topics of driving, changing clothes, toileting, and whether or not Memory Care should be the next step. Here is my experience with Mom.

Common Questions about Driving with Dementia

6 Simple Steps to Get Your Loved One to Change Clothes

Dementia Patients & Toileting Issues

What day is it? Dementia & the Perception of Time

Why I Made the Memory Care Decision




Let us not forget the saints, the unsung heroes & the super heroes. The ones that are taking care of their loved ones.


Since my dad passed away before my mom died, I was tasked with being her executor. Maybe these posts will help you with organizing and downsizing an estate.

What to Do with the Old Family Photographs

Executor Reality – Going Through Your Parents’ Stuff

Tips on What to Do with Mom’s Stuff

Check out the links to my notebooks in the 2 pictures that I created for Amazon KDP. They have a 2024 calendar and lots of blank lined pages to use for taking notes at caregiver meetings or keeping a diary or journal.

Etsy Shop

I started an Etsy shop in February of 2022 called DementiaHelpingHand. The shop was created to help out the caregivers giving them digital products they can use for themselves and with their loved ones.

The 2 posts below tell you about some of my offerings.

An Etsy Shop for Dementia Printables

Christmas Holidays with Dementia

You can check out more posts on the blog. I usually put out a new post each month. There’s also a few book reviews.